Available Now Map Update Version 2016.40


Thailand Map for nuvi “”Thailand City Navigator 2016.40″” available update. For all nuvi(not Lifetime Map Update) bought from Showroom Garmin or Dealer on December 21, 2016 onwards, you can bring it to update at Showroom Garmin, North Sathorn Rd. or via the website www.gpssoceity.com

<450 Baht for Map Update per version>


IF you have any further question please contact Customer Service: 0-2266-9944

Mon-Fri from 09:00-18:00

or Email: customerservice-gps@cdg.co.th


For the maps LM(Lifetime Map), visit: www.garmin.co.th. The map update by following the procedures in the Update.


*Garmin nuvi models 37xx, the report that current version. “”Off-service”” or cease to repair it. The map can not be updated to the new version. Because if it is, then the update causes the machine can not operate normally, the Garmin will not be available to repair it starting from November 2016 onwards.